Mission Statement

Our first goal here at the Shadisha Robinson Tennis Academy is to promote and enhance the growth of tennis in the state of Georgia. We strive to provide a fun community tennis program that emphasizes emotional, physical, and psychological development. We also emphasize the importance of the correct technique/form so that maximum results can be reached within a short period of time. Our second goal is to provide optimal coaching so that our students can excel to their highest potential on the tennis courts and on the field of life.  

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·         First Stage Tennis Development

·         Basic Grip of Tennis Racquet

·         Tennis Scoring System

·         Introduction To Stroke Clinic

·         Forehand Technique

·         Backhand Technique

·         Tennis Court Instruction

·         Prepare for Beginner ALTA





The overall goal of the Orange Group is to establish a sincere interest in tennis for the beginner player and teach introductory and basic techniques.






·         Second Stage Tennis Development

·         Advanced Beginner

·         Advanced 11U Tennis Players

·         Intermediate Stroke Clinic

·         Basic Footwork Drills

·         Introduction to Ball Placement

·         First  & Second Serve Development

·         Introduction to Volleying




The overall goal of the Bronze Group is to ready Advanced Beginner players for competition tennis.  Generally, lower level league play tennis like ALTA and T2.




·         Third Stage Tennis Development

·         Tennis Strategy Focus

·         Volleying To Score

·         The Overhead Winner

·         Forehand Ball Placement

·         Backhand Ball Placement

·         Advanced Footwork Drills

·         Mental Tennis Introduction

·         Court Positioning

·         Defensive Stroke Techniques




The overall goal of the Silver Group is to enhance tennis technique for the intermediate player for consistent competitive play. 



·         Fourth Stage Development

·         Intermediate Advanced Player

·         Tournament Ready Player

·         Competition Strategy

·         Ball Placement

·         The Overhead Winner

·         Advanced Footwork Drills

·         Mental Tennis Introduction

·         Court Positioning

·         Defensive Stroke Techniques

·         Constructing Points

·         Collegiate Level Tennis Preparation


The overall goal of the Gold Group is to assist a committed tennis player reach their full potential and prepare them for competitive tournament tennis including USTA, High School, Collegiate, and beyond!

Tournament Player


·         Advanced Tennis Athlete

·         Committed To Year Round Tennis

·         Travels Frequently to State and National Tournaments

·         Heightened Focus On Mental Tennis Strategies

·         Consistent Competition Ladders

·         Organized Match Play Pairing

·         Assistance With Tournament Selections

·         Coaches visit tournament matches to assist continued player development.


The overall goal of the Tournament Player’s Group is to assist committed year round tennis athletes win matches!

Private Sessions


While group sessions benefit the rudimentary practice needed for continued player development, Private Sessions are recommended throughout each level for enhanced focus and player specific teaching!